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English and Dutch Pocket Coaches

With the help of many great and helpful people, we have finished the translation of our first two sets into Dutch and English.

Thank you for your help:
Britta, John, Thomas, Anurag and Theo

The Table Tennis Pocket Coach lets you prepare your next training session with ease. Are you looking for more diversified training as a competitive player? As coach, do you need to quickly select a few exercises for the upcoming session? The pocket coach comes in a handy format, that allows you to have exercises on hand and make use of them at any time.

Set#1 offers exercises regarding ball control and footwork. Besides diverse drive and topspin exercises, it contains various modern regular and irregular footwork drills.

Set#2 offers 28 training cards and 6 knowledge cards regarding:
serve variations, ball placement, recovery, regular and irregular openings, forehand- and backhand-oriented players

Now we are looking for table tennis equipment-dealers in the Netherlands and english-speaking countries, who are interested in selling them. Please contact us, if you are interested.

We will start the printing as soon as we have enough orders.